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Giselle Fit

Personal Trainer for women & teenager, post pregnancy. weight/fat loss

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Yes you can! and you will!


Hi there, my name is Giselle, I am a Fitness Professional with a certification in personal training.  There is nothing more frustrating than doing the same thing over and over again and getting ZERO results. If you are committed, you will see results, that's a promise! I try to mix it up and keep you motivated! It doesn't matter if you have not worked out a day in your life. You will be surprised how powerful our minds are. Once you decide to make the change everything falls into place. 

In-Home Personal Training

in home personal trainer

For your convenience, I travel to your home, office, park or setting of your choice, at a time that works best for you. "Where there is a WILL there is  ALWAYS A way”. 

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Your Success is my Success


In my late 30’s, as a mother of two, I started competing against girls half my age in various fitness events:

NPC 2016 Diamond Classic 3rd place Overall

NPC 2016 Diamond Classic 3rd place, Open Bikini

NPC 2015 Dayana Cadeau Classic 5th place